About Us

About the Agency

Flamingo Elite Companions offers an introduction to a lovely selection of high-quality companions and high-class talent to escort you to charming dinner and cocktail dates, weekends, and luxury travel vacations. We are your personal recreation-time concierge.

Flamingo creates a place where special, successful gentlemen can meet special sensual ladies – successful businesswomen, beautiful Instagram models, university and college escorts, fashion models, and performers. Where a warm, personal welcome replaces robotic treatment. A place of elegance and high quality.

Flamingo Models is an elite escort agency, offering carefully selected women. We create beautiful, luxury experiences, with our sophisticated, accomplished female escorts for short-term or long-term companionship (anywhere from overnight dinner to 3 months of companionship.)

There are beautiful women everywhere – what sets us apart is that we specialize not only in models, actresses, and successful career women, but warm, authentic people who are not robotic or forgettable. We truly love introducing the perfect pair at an upmarket level, creating a very special experience.

Much like a discerning dating site, we consider your needs carefully, and we’re genuinely intent on providing a wonderful experience for both our lovely clientele and our beautiful models. We’re extremely selective on both fronts, and all our valued clients and first-class courtesan companions are very special to us.

If you seek a more personalized introduction to decent, high-class escort ladies as your personal travel companions and elite dinner dates, Flamingo loves to make your dreams come true. Discretion is a priority – should you dine out or attend an event, you can have the support of one of our gorgeous, intelligent beauties. You will only meet women who maintain discretion.

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A large part of our work includes sourcing and introducing elite travel companions and dinner dates for the busy, successful gentleman. Please inquire with us about other services we can offer you, many of which are complimentary with your escort invitation.


The Flamingo Models® companion experience is intended to be a beautiful exchange of energies, raising the vibration of both you and the model to a higher, revitalized level, within a convivial and elegant environment. Five-star quality for all occasions.


Our company, not to be confused with a by-the-hour escort agency, provides fresh, elegant dates and travel companions for refined gentlemen, seeking educated ladies who are not displayed on every adult website. Our company will always cater for sophisticated, considerate, successful gentlemen seeking those introductions.

Agency Management

Flamingo Luxury Companion Service

When you seek a more personalized introduction to decent, tasteful ladies as your elite companions, Flamingo loves to meet your expectations and deliver happiness. No need for mediocre experiences or potluck any longer. Seeking some gorgeous, playful company for your weekend, or an elegant high-class female escort date for dinner? Perhaps an educated, adventurous travel companion of distinction?


We went into this industry, not with the goal of making money so much, but to arrange mutually exciting experiences for high-end, beautiful people in need of discretion. Because of this passion, we deliver high end results for the selective caller. We don’t accept every caller, but cater for a refined, polite, and successful demographic.

Your happiness and entertainment are a genuine priority, and we strive for excellence in all things. We are interested in inner beauty and grace as well as outer beauty and public status.

Flamingo Model

Bringing positive energy to every lovely person we encounter is our deepest pleasure. Our ladies are all upscale and skilled, building great anticipation in their presence. We don’t cater for wild parties, but we do facilitate tasteful, elegant social encounters between mature and high-minded adults.


Whether you’re seeking a dinner-and-cocktails date, or a weekend vacation or longer term travel companion, look no further than Flamingo Companions, the premium option for excellence.


The Flamingo Elite Escort Agency offers high quality, decent, accomplished and beautiful girls to escort you; from top models, entertainers and Instagram sensations, actresses, to off-duty flight attendants, artists, chefs and college students.


The finest high class business women and socialites for exclusive introduction and dating. No bad attitudes, just warm, genuine escort ladies. All our escort ladies are thoroughly screened and assessed before introduction.



Sophisticated yet fresh, and always feminine, these beautiful women can accompany you for whatever you need. Romantic dinner dates and exciting social events, for the evening til breakfast, and longer (weekend or weeks-long vacations with your dream woman, to really get to know each other.


Flamingo escort management carefully selects approximately one or two beautiful women for representation out of around 80 applicants. This enables us to provide you with only the finest, well-mannered and highly skilled rising stars.


We represent the most fascinating, intelligent, warm-hearted escorts available. Luxury, discreet girlfriend experience companions for special experiences. Reserved exclusively for those selective, discerning gentlemen who know the difference.


Billing is highly discreet. Professional, discreet company invoices are available. There is no reason to waste your time on mediocre dates, per-hour escort girls meeting hundreds of men, or continued loneliness.



Flamingo Model

How We Select High-Class Escorts & Elite Travel Companions

Aside from being naturally beautiful and feminine, all successful applicants must be genuinely fresh, warm-hearted, drug-free, drama-free, well-educated, authentic, and extremely personable! The absolute minimum features a high-quality female companion would bring to any social engagement, in any case.


Natural intelligence, reliability, and charm are standard requirements, along with classic natural beauty, self-care, fitness, and a pure, loving soul. We prefer fresh, positive-energy ladies new to the professional companion industry. Those from upper-class backgrounds are usually most suited to our callers’ requirements.


The model must of course also be accustomed to high society settings, and well-versed in proper manners, eloquence, and social etiquette; it’s quite clear if she’s not. Whether she provides a wonderful dinner date, a more intense conversational connection, or a travel companion presence, she must be elite in every way. Not elitist, too serious or haughty, just Quality.

We prefer working with companions who are either pursuing their post-graduate university degrees or who pursue a full-time professional career, be it modeling, acting, performance, management, writing, some artistic or personal business pursuit, etc.


Our expectations for our models’ tasteful, stylish presentation are exacting, and our selection process is stringent. Our ideal applicant is never focused solely on her income, and definitely not a full-time traditional escort available for lots of brief meaningless encounters which slowly destroy the soul and erode fresh femininity.




What does this escort service offer?

Think of us as a dating site

We provide fresh, captivating dinner dates and travel companions, friendly and warm: Confident, educated career girls, smart fashion models, vivacious Instagram girls, beautiful starlets and actresses, gorgeous, successful female entrepreneurs and CEOs, first class & private jet flight attendants (cabin crew) and super-yacht stewardesses, intelligent beauty queens and high class college girls. To have access to a wider range of our model escorts, just join us as a Member and be delighted. For regular high class escort companions, contact us today to be introduced to an angel.

Flamingo Model
Flamingo Model

Some other kinds of escorts we introduce are enchanting chef escorts, academic escorts, or other professionals, who are stunning, successful and exceptional women. Any hardworking woman passionate about what she does, whose looks and personality are exceptional, are welcome. These gorgeous, educated ladies are available for introductions to members and non-members by appointment only. The high-class escort ladies are exclusively available for those cultured gentlemen who know the difference and appreciate luxury entertainment and company. Rather than just high-end women, we provide sweet, friendly girls who just love to meet new people ad makes others happy.


We don’t provide for last-minute calls, and we prefer a day or more notice for the escort models to be able to arrange a day off from their day jobs. Please also don’t list all the “services” you wish to receive, or it’ll be understood that you’ve missed the point of inviting a high-end woman for an exceptional date. What the natural flow of a pleasant meeting leads you and your beautiful model too, is entirely between the two of you, like any other woman you invite on a date.

The anticipation of meeting is half the fun of dating at the higher end of the scale. We aren’t elitist, but we do strictly limit our beautiful, intelligent model escorts and travel companions to the most appropriate, considerate and polite callers. These ladies aren’t available to just anyone. This is what keeps them fresh and feminine. No robotic or ‘experienced’ types here! They don’t meet hundreds of men a year. Contact us for information and options.

What are the Elite Escort Girls Like?

Our ladies are all lovely – we hire selectively – and we tailor-make your date to suit your preferences. They are all beautiful in their own way, and everyone has a different idea of what beauty is, so we’re bound to have a friendly escort to suit you.


Warm, funny and intelligent, different models have different strengths and flaws of course. Likewise, different callers have very different preferences. The selection of model travel escorts and high-class companions we introduce to you are specially chosen to suit you, to ensure your experience is all you hope for and more.


We’ll never just send any escort we can find, and we don’t work with just any women who apply. We’ve selected only the warmest, most pleasant, and lovely individuals to represent us, and to connect with you.


Mediocre experiences are not what we’re interested in providing. All our high class, accomplished escort ladies must possess the minimum requirements of exquisite beauty & fitness, and a warm loving nature, as well as poise, manners, elegance and natural skill. There are no haughty attitudes, illicit substance use, or questionable conduct & presentation. All our talent, whether career women, models, actresses or performers are hired for their superb quality.




Flamingo Model

The ladies we work with must have a quality education, practice excellent hygiene, and have elite social skills, not just a pretty face. They’re expected to be fluent in English, and of course in their native language, should English be their second language. All our escort beauties practice upscale manners, offering fresh femininity and a sensuous, poised presence. Our models range from the early to late 20s and can accommodate you for any occasion.


We aim to provide beauty, fitness, style, class, intelligence, charisma, talent, skill, charm, and discretion, all rolled into one perfect package. Of course, all the models have their own unique personalities, but the overall quality is essential.

Flamingo Model

Our Reputation

First and foremost, we guarantee 100% confidentiality and privacy forever. All our staff and companions sign legal forms for non-disclosure, and we give our word of honor to NEVER disclose the details of our clients, ever. What low, common behavior, violates the trust of one’s clientele? Rest assured the Flamingo Models® staff and management will never, ever display such appalling, spineless conduct. We help create special experiences for special people – no commitments, no robotic empty encounters, and no nasty consequences.

Our Standing

Over many years, we have striven for excellence, well above the average. Our motto is to treat every caller like he is our only one. Our sincere pledge to providing 100% confidentiality, respect, and superb standards is flawless and fiercely protected..





We cater to a very high-end clientele, including top CEOs, high-profile businessmen, A-list identities, and royalty, as well as other successful professionals. All our gentlemen are considered high-end to us. Providing introductions to extremely beautiful young ladies who possess the ‘whole package’, our ability to cater to the most exacting preferences stands second to none. Assuming gentlemen seek more than just a pretty face.


A large percentage of our patrons are return callers, with many being referred by word of mouth. We think this stands for itself. All our website design and content is originally created by us ©, so if somebody has tried to replicate it, as is often the case, then we choose to find it flattering, and assume that we must be doing something right.



Our companion introduction agency and the model companions alike provide a prestigious, sparkling experience, during which our secret gentlemen can feel pampered and appreciated. With our attention to detail and perfectionist standards, we are confident that those who appreciate the same high standards, will understand and feel at home. We are the perfect company for these high-achievers and successful industry stars to meet their match. 

Flamingo Models® is available to assess your every query and tailor your appointment perfectly to you. Whether coordinating meetings with models for social dates and weekends or making travel arrangements, when you’re a valued secret client of Flamingo Models®, we’re here as your personal service agency, to make your time with us as pleasant and stress-free as possible.


With 365 days in a year, doesn’t one deserve a few of those to indulge oneself? To spend an evening in the company of a beautiful, world-class companion who understands you, and will make you feel comfortable in any social setting? Whether for an exclusive black tie function or relaxed companionship in an intimate restaurant, our international female escorts are the perfect way to pass your time. 

Our exceptional women are well equipped to listen to you, to make you laugh, and to captivate you with her confidence, allure and intellect. Be charmed and bewitched, with absolutely no stress or difficulty. Yes, you deserve that.

Flamingo Model


Our agency has built immense trust with our gentlemen over the years, and we take great pride in maintaining that. Confidentiality is one of our highest priorities, and all our models sign a legal confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement to this effect also. In dealing with the kind of clientele we do, our word of honor is imperative. Our great success has been partly built on maintaining that honor, and partly on the referrals we receive from other gentlemen who appreciate the same.

All our A-list gentlemen are considered equally important. Whether you are a captain of industry, in a diplomatic or political capacity, a top athlete or celebrity, royalty, or some other gentleman of success and stature, your privacy is extremely important to us and will never be disclosed.


Flamingo Model

Our tasteful and discreet billing company is one measure we take towards protecting our client’s privacy. We offer our clients the most advanced and confidential billing method, whether paying by cash, bank transfer or credit card. All charges will be displayed very discreetly on your statement. Discretion is guaranteed.


We stand behind our elite companions and introductions, and we offer a 100% guarantee of high quality.


If the exceptional woman who arrives to meet you is not as beautiful, charming, and refined as promised when she arrives, we will replace the model at no charge.


Our priority is to ensure a mutually enjoyable experience, so our open offer of good faith is to ensure our clients that there will never be any disappointments. We are not full of empty promises, and we deliver on our word.





Our word of honor continues when dealing with the representation of our beautiful companions. At Flamingo Models® you will meet exactly the beautiful woman you have been described/ shown. No question. We have exceptional experience with match-making, and rarely go wrong with introducing the perfect courtesan to the perfect gentleman. However humans are not an exact science, and should there be an unforeseen personality clash, we will remedy it beautifully, with minimal fuss or discomfort. However, these situations are extremely, extremely rare. We offer real, authentic photography and real, beautiful women. Only about 60%-70% of our ladies are actual commercial or editorial models, however, we consider our ladies the perfect model of a companion, hence the reference.


Our extraordinary girlfriends and female companions are available to travel internationally throughout the world.  Our frequent calls from all over the globe have surprised even us, as to how far the word of our reputation has reached, even well before the website was created.


Most of our models are Caucasian, European, and Latina (Western-based) individuals, but all the companions are experienced travelers and will happily accompany suitable gentlemen to any five-star location in the world (schedule permitting). Whether in the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, or South America – a Flamingo courtesan will make your experience remarkable, with enduring memories.


Rest assured that discretion comes under this heading also. You can travel freely with the Flamingo companions with complete discretion, as our models do not show their faces online, and are not the kinds of women whom you would assume the worst. While you don’t need to be a member to arrange dates with most of our beautiful, educated companions, the Members status is available by invitation only, for absolute confidentiality. You’ll never be seen in public with a known internet model or full-time ‘escort’.


Flamingo Model


Gentlemently Conduct

As with any authentic, high-quality woman, your looks don’t particularly matter. What matters are your values, your attitude, your hygiene, and your treatment of your companions. The ladies are more concerned with how enjoyable someone is to spend time with than how ‘ripped’ or handsome he is.  When approaching women of this caliber, one needs to understand that they are not typical ‘high-class escorts’. These women are not available for anyone who calls, and they are not meeting multiple men every night.


These are authentic, high-quality ladies with accomplished careers, taking full advantage of the experiences life is offering them. They just happen to also have been blessed with phenomenal beauty and worked on achieving superb physiques. They just happen to be sensual women who enjoy dating and meeting equally sophisticated people.


As such, the successful gentleman who will be introduced to these angels will not just be wealthy. Wealth can be achieved, but as we all know, money cannot buy class…


Flamingo Model

An eligible gentleman for the Flamingo Models will be educated, refined, and considerate, in addition to his affluence and success. He will actively seek out and appreciate the quality and sophistication that a woman of this caliber brings to every date. This wonderful gentleman will pay close attention to his personal hygiene and safety, and understand the difference between seeking a ‘deal’, and appreciating the high value and quality. And we only deal with ‘wonderful’ gentlemen. He’ll genuinely love women, enjoying the ‘new date’ feeling, and the connection building between them. He carries positive energy and is warm and friendly. He’s confident enough to be himself.

He will enjoy dressing accordingly, aiming to impress his date with his style and the quality of his attire, just as she does for him. He may perhaps use cologne to remain fresh throughout the evening. He is not a narcissist, but he’s aware of his own quality. He’s not interested in spending time with anyone less refined than he is himself. He’ll notice that his model has had her hair done for the date, and appreciate that she’s pampered from head to toe, for the sole purpose of looking her absolute best for him. Oh yes, all those things we do are an effort just to please you, because we love to see you smile.


The less appealing (and likely-to-be-unsuccessful) caller will use inappropriate and disrespectful language, whether with the model or with the agency staff. He will make contact with comments such as ‘Who’s available now?’ He will be less hygienic, ask for inappropriate ‘services’, and then discuss his personal experience openly with strangers online, exposing his beautiful companion’s privacy and removing her dignity. Real men are supposed to protect women, not abuse them… He’ll usually be under the effect of some version of misogyny, and his aggressive, sarcastic, or veiled negative approach will usually drive the lady to refuse his calls from that point on. Or perhaps even leave the date.


He may have ‘issues’ with women in general, or be sexist/ racist/ discriminatory or generally intolerant of others. (There is nothing wrong with having a preference for certain nationalities or other values of course – that is very different from being hateful and ‘racist’ as such.) – Let’s try to avoid that type of individual and conduct, shall we?


With all respect, we all have our own paths and we are all on our own journey – certainly, someone who is on a difficult path can react to that by behaving in negative ways. But as they become more developed and enlightened, they can change. We recommend never to ‘throw someone away’. However, some people need to be loved from a distance, until they are all that they are meant to be. Even our declines are done with love.

Flamingo Model


As stated, we are very thorough in our consultation with you, to ensure the model you select will be the most perfectly matched to you and your needs. However, should you find there is a personality clash or some other issue you are uncomfortable with, please inform us as soon as possible. This is highly unlikely, but gives you some direction should there be any problems.


If you wait until the end of the appointment, then the model’s time has been taken, and there is not much we can do. Initially, as a mature adult, try to calmly and politely discuss your concerns with the model. They are all intelligent, caring individuals who want you to have a wonderful time – but they also want to be treated with respect and consideration.


Two grown adults can usually have a discussion about their needs, and come to some mutually agreeable conclusion, with mutual respect. However, if there are irreconcilable differences, please call us. *This is an extremely rare situation, and hardly worth mentioning.

Requirements for Hiring a Companion

To ensure your experience runs smoothly, you can start by making sure we have all information from you clearly when you contact us – exact dates you want the model to arrive and depart, which model/ models you would like to invite, or the type of experience you’d like to have.


We will discuss this with you during our consultation. (Obviously, the right match involves more than pointing at a photo on a website.. or selecting a famous name on our list. Chemistry is important!)


Flamingo Model, an Elite companion and escort

We will also need your hotel room number once you check in; Occasionally gentlemen will prefer the model to book the hotel room in her own name; in this case, the additional accommodation fees must be included in the total fund transfer. All details are protected and 100% confidential eternally.


After the model’s safe return, all details of the booking are carefully deleted. Any printed pages are destroyed by a shredder, then incinerated. We do not keep records, and we are very diligent in how we use and dispose of them.


Booking Agreements & Etiquette​

Models are booked for ONE gentleman only. They aren’t a pair of jeans or a bicycle… She’s a person, with people who love her. You may not swap/ ask her to attend to your friends/ expect her to cater to or meet with others.


The kind of gentlemen we cater to would not ever consider such things, and the kind of ladies with whom we work would never be comfortable in that low-class environment. Gentlemen seeking this should patronize another company providing different kinds of women.


The model is booked for her agreed gentleman for the entirety of the booking, as his girlfriend. It is his responsibility to protect her and be considerate of her, as the gentleman he is expected to be.


We are very professional and discreet and hope to have you return to us for more companionship, so we will organize things to operate as smoothly and comfortably as possible for you. We want you to feel spoiled, not just content. Established in over a decade you’re not dealing with novices when you request a meeting with Flamingo Companions.

Your Responsibilities​

Your responsibilities as a gentleman should be common sense, this is exactly like a date with any girlfriend or loving wife. Treat your model as you would treat your love.


To clear up any discrepancies; your main obligations are to be a respectful gentleman and to keep the model in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed, so she can cater to your needs appropriately. Again, she is NOT to be asked to accompany more than one gentleman per trip and should be protected like any new girlfriend.


The models will rarely ask for something she doesn’t need. She must have four to five-star accommodation, access to room service or western standard cafes & restaurants, wifi/ phone access to our office at all times, and any material provisions required, such as correct clothing for change of weather, should you move locations.


In addition, hotel cars or her own hire car for conveyance, and free time for her regular hairdresser/ beauty appointments, etc., must be provided. The model must also have her own room key, and have the freedom to come and go as she pleases. 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every 24 hours is imperative.

Treat Her Like a Queen​

..And she’ll treat you like a king. One would think this is common sense, but surprisingly there are callers who believe just paying for the model’s time is enough… It’s not. If you invite elite escort talent as your guest, and she is kind enough to accommodate you, the hospitable thing to do is to keep her in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed and treat her with respect. She is a human being with feelings.


If you feel you cannot afford to take care of the courtesan model like this, you should book a cocktail date with a lower-priced lady, so you can properly afford to look after her, without cutting unnecessary corners. Please do not try to squeeze into a higher budget without proper provisions. It is not recommended, as neither of you will have a very good time.

Treat your luxury travel talent how you would appreciate being treated as a guest. We trust you know enough about social etiquette to make the experience a pleasant one for both of you!

Flamingo Model, An Elite companion and escort


If you need to ask “what do I get”, you have entirely misunderstood the point of meeting a decent, high-quality companion, and overlooked the point of the elite escort companion experience.


If “what you get” is what is important to you, as opposed to a special, mutually enjoyable connection with a beautiful woman or famous celebrity, then please look elsewhere. It is common sense how a date between two mature, considerate adults is conducted.


Flamingo Model, An Elite companion and escort

A fully inclusive high-class girlfriend experience is just that. These well-presented, well-behaved young ladies and elite models are not red-light specials. Please don’t treat the agency as such, asking for specific ‘services’ it’s disrespectful.


Don’t treat your elegant Flamingo model any differently. She is your professional companion, an actual real human, and she has the same feelings and self-respect as any beautiful, accomplished woman does. Just because you’re paying for her time, doesn’t mean you have any special rights over her. This is intended as a mutually enjoyable connection.

We Provide Finest Female Companions

We don’t work with regular ‘always available’ escort talent. Our high-class escort models are all accomplished career girls and are not available to just anyone. Our callers come to us for true elegance and authenticity.


If you wish to meet the elite model escort or get to know her a little first before a travel date, we suggest a local meeting in her own location for a romantic dinner date, so you can spend some time chatting and see if you feel the rapport you’re seeking.


However, in all the many years we have been providing elite travel companion partners and escorts, there have been exceptionally few experiences that were not flawless and highly memorable for both parties. We are professional matchmakers, and we’re pretty good at what we do! As a high-class escort agency accustomed to VIP services, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.


Flamingo Model, An Elite companion and escort

Quality Service

As an educated, upper-class society gentleman, you will understand the quality we’re providing. And how to treat the ladies. We also have a highly trusted name and reputation for discretion worldwide. We’re here to assist you and introduce both you and the model as proper members of society.


A gentleman will always behave nobly, and not expect a model to prepare herself and dress beautifully for him, without financial compensation for her time. If you’re not prepared to appropriately compensate her or provide for her, you really have no business trying to meet her… She is only available to a select few, and her time is valuable. As a model, actress, friend, confidant, flight attendant, real estate developer, or for whatever other talent she possesses.


Please contact us to discuss your needs and preferences. We look forward to assisting you in creating a very special & memorable experience, wherever you are in the world. Visit our flamingos & companions page, to book your luxury travel companion.




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