Escort Etiquette 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Date With An Escort

Escort Etiquette: Comprehensive Guide to Have A Perfect Date With An Escort

If you have an upcoming date with an escort but are unsure exactly what you should do and shouldn’t, you ended up in the right place. This comprehensive blog will guide you through the proper etiquette you should maintain when on a date with an escort.

Though escorts are professionals with experience in handling different clients, and yes, you are paying for their time, but that doesn’t mean they are not sensitive and will tolerate everything. It’s important to be aware of the proper etiquette of dating an escort so that you don’t ruin the moment!

While writing this blog, we have asked multiple high-end Toronto escorts about their expectations on the first date with a client. Based on their opinions and feedback, our experts have made the perfect date guide to get the best of what your escort offers. Follow our blog to make your escort happy, and trust us, you will be thanking us if you do so!


Be Clear About Your Expectations

When booking an escort via a professional escort agency, tell them about your preferences. Escort services offer different types of escorts based on their physical features and the services they provide. Stating your needs clearly will let them offer the best matching escort for your need. 

Let the agency know what you’re looking for in your escort regarding personality, physical appearance, and the services offered. It’s important not to rush into booking and take time to decide if the escort you are hiring actually meets your expectations. Otherwise, the whole date can be pointless and disappointing. 

Be Punctual

After booking a date with an escort you prefer, ensure you give her a time best suited for you both. A busy day won’t let you be in a relaxed mood, and there are chances you will arrive late, which won’t end in your favor. 

Being punctual is very important because it creates the first impression on your escort. If you don’t arrive at the right time and make her wait, it can be difficult to get a smooth start on the date. So make sure you don’t end up being late and ruin the very start of the date. 

Complement Your Escort

After arriving at your date, the first thing you should do is compliment her. Women love to be praised. You know that, right? Try to pay attention to the little effort they have taken to get ready for your appointment. 

make her laugh while on a date with an escort

You can compliment her in many ways. Maybe they are wearing a beautiful pair of earrings, a wonderful perfume or cologne, or maybe they look really stunning in their outfit. Don’t be shy, it’s okay to say how great they look!

Complementing your escort will make her feel special and set you different from other clients. Making sure you are getting special treatment afterward. 

Be Respectful & Discreet

When you are on the date, getting to know each other, ensure you are always respectful towards her and maintain your boundaries. Don’t ask inappropriate things that may seem offensive to her.

Private matters like escorted dating need confidentiality. Keep your date’s information private, and don’t discuss it with anybody else out of respect for the escort. Likewise, you should anticipate the same degree of caution from the agency and the escort.

Remember, hiring an escort does not mean getting sex automatically. It would help if you created a good environment that will make the escort comfortable meeting you for the first time.

Have Your Payment Ready

Remember that your escort is providing you with her service in exchange for payment. There shouldn’t be any confusion regarding the payment as you will already set things up with the agency. 

Many escorts prefer to get payment in advance, which makes them feel secure. If you have decided your escort is best suited for you, you can make a prior payment. Most escorts prefer cash in envelopes which shows respect. 

If you are not so sure about how to pay an escort check this blog from SatisfactionProject to know all about paying an Toronto escort.

Be Frank & Let Them Lead The Way

If you’re not so comfortable and relaxed yet or still don’t know if things are going smoothly, simply tell your escort about this! They really will understand, and they know everyone has to start somewhere. 

It’s more than alright for you to say, “Hey, I’m not so comfortable yet. Can you take the lead?” They are professional not just in sexual activities but also in making conversation and building a good connections. They will understand that this can be a nerve-wracking experience for you (Sometimes even professionals get nervous for first-time meetings!), so don’t be afraid to talk about it.

let them lead the way while on a date with an escort


Don’t Dig Into Personal Information

Just as your escort keeps your stuff private, she also deserves to maintain privacy about her personal life. Asking things like “what’s your real name? Or where do you live?” is very inappropriate. This can make your escort uncomfortable and set off the mood of the date.

If you keep insisting, chances are she is going to leave, and you are not getting laid. Your concern should be having a good time with her. That’s what you paid for. Don’t be all detective and ask her for unnecessary personal information.

Don’t Rush Into Sexual Stuff 

Most clients try to jam as much as intimate time in their booking. That’s why without even proper conversation or setting the mood, they rush into sexual acts, even before they’ve handed over the payment!

While it may be justified for you; after all you’re paying to get physical with your Toronto escort, it’s not the best way to get the most pleasure out of your escort.

You have to realize it feels pushy and rushed, and it’s not erotic at all. Rather than seducing her, you are making her uncomfortable. As a professional, the escort’s job is to set the pace and lead things to intimacy but to make it happen; it’s important for you to chill and let things progress naturally.

Don’t Push Past Their Boundaries

Booking an escort date only entitles you to the services that have been agreed upon. Respect the escort’s boundaries and remember that they are providing a service. Don’t assume you’re in charge of the escort’s time or attention apart from what you’ve paid for.

You’ve already agreed on what your appointment will consist of, so don’t do things you didn’t agree on, have yet to ask about, or bring other people with you to your appointment. If you do accidentally do or say something you both didn’t agree on, your escort will let you know it’s something you need to stop doing or saying immediately. Do both of you a favor, and don’t do it again.

Don’t Get Too Intoxicated

Georgie Wolf, a professional escort, shared her story on Tryst, how she messed up every single thing about the date because of being overdrunk. No matter how much you love alcohol or any other intoxicating substance, taking it slow when meeting with an escort is good. Many people have ruined their dates because they are too drunk to have a conversation, let alone get intimate. 

Escorts have feelings too, and they want to enjoy the session with a sober person as well. Alcohol won’t let you behave as you should, which can lead to a bad experience. Additionally, it is easy for things to go wrong in many ways when you are too intoxicated; some get abusive, while others may even become violent. Escorts avoid such clients by all means.

Don’t Haggle Over Price

While it’s natural to want to get the best possible price for your escort date, haggling over the price is not appropriate. Escorts set their rates based on their experience, skills, and market demand. If you’re not happy with the price, it’s better to look for a different agency or escort that fits within your budget.

But accepting a price than negotiating over is strictly inappropriate. And most of the escorts have rates fixed by their agency. So, negotiating the price will just create a bad impression of you. 

Don’t Forget to Tip

If you are satisfied with the service, don’t forget to tip your escort. Tipping is like a token of appreciation for her efforts. And maximum payment goes to agencies most of the time. 

don't forget to tip while on a date with an escort

So, escorts really like clients who tip more. This will encourage her to take you more sincerely as a client and do her best to ensure your satisfaction. 


In conclusion, when going on a date with an escort, it’s important to be aware of proper escort etiquette to ensure you both have a good time. Escorts are professionals, but they are also human beings who have feelings and boundaries. Following the do’s and dont’s mentioned in this blog can create a comfortable atmosphere for you and the escort. 

Being clear about expectations, being there on time, complimenting your escort, and most importantly being respectful are the steps to make your date a complete success. If things become overwhelming, letting them take the lead and have a great time together is more than okay. 

On the other hand, knowing what not to do is also essential. Don’t dig into personal information, don’t rush into sexual stuff, and don’t push past their boundaries. By respecting their privacy, not rushing into sexual acts, and maintaining professional boundaries, you will have a better experience with your escort. Keep in mind that escorts are not objects, and treating them with respect will make the experience better for everyone involved. 

Lastly, we hope this guide has been helpful to you and you feel more confident and prepared for your date with a gorgeous Toronto escort. By following these tips, you can create a good impression and make sure you get the most out of the experience. Remember, communication and respect are keys, and if you follow these rules, you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

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